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When John F Kennedy was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, campaigning for the presidency, he dined at Mader's restaurant.

President Ford's luncheon with fifty Milwaukee business leaders was held at Mader's restaurant and Ronald Reagan dined at Mader's with friends, enjoying the ethnic German cuisine.

Over the past 106 years Mader's restaurant has meant many things to many people. From the days of 3 cent beers and .20 cent dinners, through its days of politicians trading confidences over lunch to its many incarnations as a gathering place for citizens from all over the world, Mader's German cuisine restaurant has been a place like no other. More than any other institution Mader's means to persons from every background a backdrop for their most cherished celebrations. Young brides excitedly discuss their wedding plans. The famous and powerful eagerly anticipate their events.

Mader's German cuisine restaurant in Milwaukee continues to be the venue of choice to celebrate the good things in life. It is our goal to provide, at the highest level, a meeting place where everyone is welcome. Where the experience is never forgotten. And their next visit to our Wisconsin German restaurant is eagerly anticipated.

Victor Mader
Victor Mader


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